What Everyone Should Know About Telemedicine

Telemedicine, also known as TeleHealth (or virtual visits) is a way for healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients remotely using video conferencing technology.

We tend to think Telemedicine is new, but it goes as far back as the 1950s when two medical centers in Pennsylvania transmitted for the first time an X-ray image over a phone line.

In the years to follow, telemedicine was mainly used to connect a doctor treating a patient in a rural area with a specialist in a large metropolitan city. But it was very expensive and used sparingly until the internet came along revolutionizing everything, including healthcare.

Today faster internet connections and the high-resolution of the camera on your smart phone or tablet, allows you to easily connect with your primary doctor, licensed acupuncturist, mental health counselor, physical therapist or a medical specialist via a video conference call.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Although we love to see you at the clinic in person, the benefits you can gain from using Telemedicine, especially during this Coronavirus outbreak, are significant. They include:

  • Eliminate possible exposure to contagious patients
  • No travel time or stuck in traffic (from the comfort of your home)
  • Less time away from your work
  • Private, secure and HIPAA compliant platform (Facetime & Skype don’t meet these standards)
  • No need to find a babysitter or make arrangements to care for a loved one
  • Many insurance plans cover telehealth visits as if you were in the office
  • Convenient option for herb refills and adjustments to achieve the best results
  • Reduce medical bills by using this more affordable option

Is Telemedicine Safe?

Telemedicine is as safe and effective as your regular in-person care when used for the appropriate conditions. Although not every situation is suitable for Telemedicine by video conferencing, you might be surprised just how many things it can help treat.

What Does a Session Consist of?

Acupuncture, which obviously cannot be done remotely, is just one of the many modalities of Chinese medicine that acupuncturists provide. Depending on your health concern, a Telemedicine session can include:

Consultation and Evaluation:

  • A virtual consultation, in depth questionnaire and evaluation to assess your symptoms


  • Review lab results
  • Tongue diagnosis from uploaded picture or performed with good lighting during video conferencing
  • Perform a TCM pulse diagnosis using Kardia™ Mobile Electrodes (not included)
  • Facial Diagnosis via observation of complexion
  • Observation of shen (spirit, consciousness, emotions, voice quality, etc)

Chinese herbal medicine:

  • Herbal formula prescriptions customized to your specific health concerns and shipped directly to your home or office – or made available for pick up at your convenience at our clinic. (The benefits of Chinese herbs over drugs.)


  • Dietary recommendations, nutritional advice, and food therapy recipes based on your TCM diagnosis
  • Lifestyle recommendations customized to your health concerns such as sleep hygiene, exercise do’s and don’ts, meditation and breath work techniques, etc.
  • Guasha tutorials you can do at home to alleviate pain
  • Demonstrate and coach you on therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises and stretches to reduce muscular pain
  • Offer you acupressure therapy instructions for home care
  • Recommend self-care wellness advice to reduce stress and anxiety

Christina M. Prieto is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Orlando, FL offering Telemedicine.

Orlando acupuncturist providing Chinese herbal Telemedicine sessions to Florida residents.

Telemedicine in Orlando FL - Christina Prieto, AP