About Zaydimar Reyes

Zaydimar Reyes is Harmony Wellness Center’s patient services coordinator and front desk associate. With years of administrative experience, and a passion for alternative forms of medicine, Harmony Wellness Center is the perfect place for her to share her gifts.

In addition to her years of administrative work, she has pursued a career in holistic skin care and is a Florida Licensed Esthetician. Having had two babies under the age of 2 with skin sensitivities, she felt inspired to integrate a holistic approach to healing. She understands that skin concerns are not only treated on the surface, rather addressing the emotional and mental aspects as well is key. Through the mentor ship Dr. Prieto as provided during her time of service at Harmony Wellness, she has begun to provide her services to her family, as well as, the local Maitland community.

When not tending to her work life, or her babies, she enjoys furthering her education, crafts such as crocheting and calligraphy, and traveling to nearby cities.